Erina Baptist Preschool becomes

Footprints Early Learning Centre


our exciting new name

We are very excited to share the details of a project that the staff and board of the Preschool have been working on for some time. As part of our staff vision day in 2018, we reflected on our values, vision and mission, and as part of this we considered how our logo and branding, which undoubtedly served us well for the past 18 years, could be more closely aligned with our vision. We also recognised that the entire early childhood industry has moved forward, and aspects of our old logo and brand were perhaps slightly dated. 

 Accordingly, we worked collaboratively with staff, our board, and branding professionals, to consider how we can best communicate our strong and continuing values, while also ensuring we continue to be relevant to the community that we serve. From mid April 2019, Erina Baptist Preschool became known as Footprints Early Learning Centre. 

Now that we’ve covered what changed (our name and logo), we also want to confirm what stayed the same: everything else! 

·     Our mission: Serving our community by providing exceptional childcare reflecting our Christian values

·     Our philosophy

·     Our relationship with Erina Baptist Church – you will note that we have very intentionally echoed the colours from the church logo, to demonstrate the close link that continues between the two organisations.

·     Our staff and leadership team

·     Our service (hours, meals, educational program)

We believe the Footprints name and our new logo beautifully encapsulate many aspects of our philosophy and values as below:

•      Firstly, the footprints reflect our individual, centre and community journeys with God

•      The increasing size of the footprints in the logo represents the growth and progress of the children in our care, as well as the growth and progress of our centre as we prioritise continuous improvement in our service delivery.

•      The concept of the footprints highlight the beautiful nurturing relationships we as a centre intentionally cultivate between the children / families and our team of educators, resulting in each one leaving footprints on the heart of the other.

•      We also recognise that ours were not the first footprints on this land, and through this we acknowledgethe Traditional Custodians of the land we are on, the Darkinjung people.

So you can see, we changed our name, but we kept all the things that make us the clear childcare provider of choice for the families of the Central Coast, exactly the same.