4-5 years


Children in the Dolphin room are often in their year before school. In this room they are becoming more independent with self-help skills, and children are provided with a wide range and choice of painting, craft, manipulative, literacy and numeracy experiences. News is a much-loved part of each day and children are offered a wider range of music and dramatic experiences.

The children are confident in making friends themselves, and the staff also encourage children to form friendships with those who will be going to the same school, as having a friend on the first day of school is a huge help with that transition. 


Through play based and experiential learning our curriculum covers key areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History.

With our use of child-centred, dynamic programming, we ensure that the interests of each individual child are incorporated into our Dolphin room activities, allowing each child to have an input into the learning journey of the whole room.


Additionally, we run a full program of school readiness enrichment, including activities such as excursions to the local library to learn about how libraries work, and participate in storytime. We have excellent relationships with local schools, and attend plays, concerts and assemblies to help children to know what to expect when they start at big school.

We also have a full range of incursions for our children to participate in, including music, sports, animal visits, cultural awareness and getting to know key roles in the community such as the police or fire brigade.