0-2 years

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In our 0 to 2 yr room, your baby is cared for by a highly experienced team of educators. There are lots of cuddles and hugs for our littlest friends here!

Our Joeys are offered a range of play experiences, including a variety of painting and tactile opportunities. They have a wonderful newly renovated semi-shaded play area to themselves, which adjoins the big playground so that they can see the other children at play, including their siblings.

 Care for our Joeys is very much in partnership with families, and parents are encouraged to bring in an outline of their child's daily sleep and mealtime routine for staff to follow, so that children can follow their home routines, and therefore be as settled as possible. Additionally, every day there is an information sheet provided for each child for parents and staff to complete, which ensures needs are clearly communicated.

Because each child will have different milk requirements, parents are asked to bring milk for their child each day in a labelled bottle or sippy cup. 

Our Joey room has its own phone, so you can call at any time to check on your little one. We have a quiet and climate controlled cot room, so that each child can get the sleep they need.