our meal and food progam

We are delighted to support the nutritional requirements of the children in our care by providing a full meal service to all children. The cost of the meals is included in our fees.

We partner with Kids Gourmet Foods to provide a substantial and varied morning tea and afternoon tea, as well as a hot lunch meal cooked in our centre kitchen. Some facts about Kids Gourmet Foods for your information:

1) All meals and snacks are prepared from scratch using high quality, fresh and raw wholefood ingredients with absolutely no additives, preservatives or other ‘nasties’. 
2) The food is prepared by chefs the evening before delivery in the KGF kitchens in Brookvale, and snap chilled (not frozen), ready for delivery to us at 6.45am the next day, ahead of being served that day. This means there is less than 24 hours between the food being prepared and it being eaten. This includes all purees, transitional mashes and snacks. 
3) The meals are then cooked in our kitchen here at the centre by our lovely kitchen staff. 
4) By including morning and afternoon tea into our menu, we are ensuring that your child will receive a minimum of 50% and up to 75% of their Recommended Daily Amount of key nutrients
5) Diagnosed medical allergies and vegetarian diets are accommodated with specialised menus at no extra cost
6) Suitable foods are also freshly prepared for children aged from 4 months - there is a puree menu made from fresh fruits, vegetables and rice cereals for the babies, who then transition onto a mashed meal when ready. 

We have seen that encouraging the children to eat together promotes a wonderful sense of community for them. Additionally, everyone enjoying the same food means that children who can tend towards being picky with their food are normally inspired by their friends, and choose to participate in the meal happily.

Full menus for all age ranges and dietary requirements are available for you to view at